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48 ans


Directrice DIGITALE

Expériences professionnelles


Bloom and Wild
Londres, UK

General Manager France

Juin 2019 - Aujourd'hui

Award winning Start up launched in 2013. Bloom and Wild has disrupted the online flower delivery. employing 100+ staff. Present in UK, FR and DE. French market was released in 2017. Super-Fast-growing environment.

Reporting to the CEO then VP Business Dev.

  • Responsible for P&L and Business Development initiatives
  • Developing and delivering a global marketing strategy to drive brand awareness, incl. Influencers and various types of Partnerships + global sustainability/local trends
  • Managing the 3PL: our grower and fr. supplier / warehouse + the logistics’ partners
  • Leading PR and Customer services
  • Management of a team of 4 people

Main achievements :

  • Speeding up the growth (x4)
  • P&L and profitability improvements (Contrib. Margin +40%)
  • Brand Visibility via many Partnerships / Press coverage (+250%)

Jules, AFM
Roubaix, France


Juin 2017 - Juin 2019

Men’s Fashion Brand, Jules is ranked 2 and hold a retail network of 400 stores in France. Turnover: €400M.

Reporting to the Group Leader Omni channel

  • Leading the Digital transformation and the Omnichannel pathway.
  • Defining the growth strategy on all the digital touch points: website, app, mobile, in store, social media.
  • Managing the customer loyalty program and all associated datas
  • Giving out the culture of change and Digital mind-set to the retail network.
  • Responsible for the Digital P&L
  • Management of a team of 12 people: Digital / Acquisition / Social Media / Loyalty Program / web design

Main achievements :

  • Return to growth – from Month 1
  • Strategy redesign
  • Empowering a Team and organisation

Londres, UK


Juin 2015 - Avr 2017

Start up launched in 2010. is an innovative Brand selling Design Furniture online. employing 250 staff. Present in UK, BE, NL, FR and DE. French market was released in 2013. Fast growing environment.

Reporting to the CEO

  • Responsible for P&L and Business Development initiatives
  • Developing and delivering a global marketing strategy to drive brand awareness
  • Leading PR, Marketing budget and Customer services to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Launched the 1st connected Showroom in Paris - Optimisation of the marketing mix, including product, pricing, and media on/offline such as TV, paid search, paid social, display, affiliates, shopping, retargeting, ... and influencers.
  • Management of a team of 11 people: 5 in retail for the Paris showroom / 6 in Marketing Team in London

Main achievements :

  • Launch of the 1st showroom (9000 sqft) in Paris - June 16
  • Team-organisation building from 3 to 11
  • Development of the PR and influencers strategy to raise the Brand

Londres, UK

SENIOR DIGITAL CONSULTANT - Transition from fr. to uk.

Fév 2015 - Mai 2015

Business Development Consultants is a consulting firm specialising in international business development and strategy

Reporting to the Founder

  • Retailers support missions for business development strategies: topics such as: digital strategy, improvement of customer experience on and offline, connected commerce, etc.
  • Sectors : High-tech, cosmetics, DIY / Companies: HTM group (Clixity), Yves-Rocher, Weldom


HEAD of E-COMMERCE Fashion and shoes -

Jan 2012 - Jan 2015

N° 1 pure player retailer in France, La Redoute for apparel and homes, employing 3.400 staff (2200 based in France and the other in Europe and is present in 10 countries). Turnover: €0,7 billion

Reporting to the E-commerce & Development VP

  • Responsible for the fashion department for including sales management, merchandising strategy, pricing policy, marketing campaigns, navigation, website optimisation and evolution. Maintaining 's n° 1 position on the French Market for women, men and children's apparel. Revenue Management: Over €350M / year.
  • Leading the visibility of fashion on all the marketing channels, developing inspiration and trends.
  • Project/Development: constant improvement of the website and its features: design, ergonomics, management tools, merchandising, search engine and customer experience.
  • Mobile media management: launched the new app for IOS and Android. Representing 20% of sales, rising by +50%.
  • Management of a team of 12 Online Sales Managers and E-Merchandisers

Main achievements :

  • 2014 :
    • Mobile media management : Marketing campaign, customer navigation, push notifications.
    • Roadmap management : for the 1st time at company-wide scale.
  • 2013 :
    • Management of the entire business of for 8 months: Fashion and Home. Covering a maternity leave.
    • Managing a team of 30 people and developing a culture of autonomy and responsibility
  • 2012 :
    • Development of merchandising tools: new strategies and rules. Test & learn process.
    • Reviewing navigation / tree structure: linked to the development of the marketplace product offer. Creation of new categories, implementation rules and attributes. Overhaul of the Home Page and integration of more than 200,000 new products.
    • Working around the staging of products to develop advice and aspiration: lookbook, graphic & photo charter and trends.
    • Head of the business unit in charge of outlet: management of P&L, determining the target of sales, overstock and price. Support the development of new distribution channels: discounters, private outlet, marketplace, etc…management of the team (10 people). Turnover: €34M on the year. +15% vs Y-1. Stock level: -5% vs forecast. I launched the 1st partnership with and vente-privé

La Redoute
Roubaix, France


Fév 2008 - Déc 2011

Reporting to the Marketing VP

  • Responsible for the overall marketing and business strategy: leading the Marketing Master Calendar according to
  • seasonality and product releases: concepts and target’s definition, products offer, pricing positioning, sales objectives in a global way: on/offline.
  • Management of the Full Marketing Budget: €85M./season. Definition of the Marketing mix. Transverse Coordination.
  • Leading marketing and commercial projects: launching new concepts, CRM, loyalty, changing business models, etc.
  • Management: 7 Marketing Project Managers

Main achievements :

  • 2011 :
    • Compliance of the business model: Work on price management and animation, to comply with legislation. highly structured project impacting all pricing and campaigns. In charge of the global strategy and implementation. Large programme of work accompanying the product teams.
  • 2010 :
    • Rethinking the business model: a shift from a system based on the promotion and direct marketing methods (mailings linked to a unique seasonal big book) to a model derived from retail based on product offer. Changing the collections’ pace from 2 to 10 collections per year. Implementation of the new model with a return to growth and exceeding targets. Results: sales rise of +5% the 1st year.
    • Reorganisation of the marketing department to keep up with the changing business. Consolidation of marketing campaigns to be optimised from a multichannel perspective. Results: gain in efficiency with a drop of staff.(-2).
  • 2009 :
    • Establishment of a new acquisition strategy: value and web oriented: from a strategy based on volume to a strategy of quality. Work on the predictive value of customers. Recruitment of 0,8M of new customers per season.



Avr 2002 - Fév 2008

Subsidiary of La Redoute, based in Belgium. Employees 250 incl. logistics, warehouse and customer service. N° 2 in the Belgian market.



Oct 1998 - Mars 2002


E-commerce in B to B. Specialist of hygiene products, cleaning equipment and office supplies. Employing 250 staff operating in France and Belgium. Belongs to the group STAPLES now the largest retailer of office products worldwide.

Paris, France


Nov 1996 - Oct 1998

Le Printemps is a French department store chain that is positioned primarily on fashion brands, luxury and beauty. Le Printemps is part of an Italian family group of businessman Maurizio Borletti, owner of La Rinascente department stores. Employing 3500 staff. Turnover €1.2 billion.



1996     IAE Lille - Marketing / Digital



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