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Eric DG BtB distribution & automobile
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68 ans


DG BtB distribution & automobile

Expériences professionnelles


Grupo Salvador Caetano

Independent board member & Ex. Co. member Salvador Caetano Auto Africa

Jan 2016 - Déc 2019

Main tasks :

  • support for the development of the multi-brand automotive business in Africa with the AfricInvest investment fund

French Ministry of Economy

Deputy National Ombudsman

Jan 2015 - Aujourd'hui

As volunteer

Main Task :

  • Helping companies and public organizations to resolve their disputes through mediation and, more broadly, to change behavior in order to rebalance customer relations, serving the economy.

Partner Amadeus Dirigeants

Interim Management, operational consulting

Jan 2014 - Déc 2017

  • New strategic locations and developments
  • Evolution of organizations, investment / disinvestment, internal control

CFAO Motors Uganda

Managing Director

Jan 2011 - Déc 2013

Multi-brand car dealership and services - NPS forecasted $20 million

Main tasks :

  • Organize and structure new of CFAO Automotive in East Africa

Achievements :

  • Creation and organization of the subsidiary (legal, tax, local authorities, IT...)
  • Negotiations with the manufacturers, authorities and potential customers
  • Recruitment and training of the team, Premises, IT structure, equipment

CFAO Congo

Managing Director

Jan 2006 - Déc 2010

Automotive Distribution (Toyota, Peugeot, Suzuki….), equipment (Otis, JCB…), IT, FMCG (Nestlé…), After Sale Services – NPS €40 m – 150 employees

Main tasks :

  • Reengineering and development on core business (automotive and equipment).

Achievements :

  • Development of sales (market leader, 40% volume increase in 2 years)
  • Significant increase of the profitability (top 5 CFAO Group)
  • Reorganisation of After sale services (Turn Over doubled)
  • Creation of new department for Equipment and
  • Disposal of IT & FMCG activities (40% of the Turn Over)
  • Strengthening of internal control and new ERP


Organisation and Methods Director – Industries & Trading Division

Jan 2005 - Jan 2006

Trading, Plastics processing industry, bicycles, breweries, timber trade

Main tasks :

  • Reinforce internal control procedures and organisation

Achievements :

  • Follow up of industrial activities in Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Morocco
  • Financial restructuration of subsidiary
  • Data room for a company disposal in Morocco

Paris, France

Senior Project Manager Africa

Jan 2003 - Déc 2004

Unilever France Services

Main tasks :

  • Develop and lead industrial projects in West and Central Africa.

Achievements :

  • Negotiation of disposal of a company in Côte d'Ivoire with a supply agreement.
  • Built up and negotiation of industrial joint ventures in Senegal and Cameroon.


Managing Director

Jan 1997 - Déc 2002

C.D.C.I. Compagnie de Distribution de Côte d'Ivoire

B2B FMCG Distribution- NPS M€60, 300 employees, 28 outlets in 25 towns

Main tasks :

  • Relaunch CDCI to achieve the leadership of Unilever on the market
  • Then set up a new distribution model with disposal of CDCI

Achievements :

  • Turn over increase + 35% on 2 year, leader of wholesale distribution
  • Organisation of the outlets network and Supply chain (90.000 T/year),
  • Retail stores development & Strengthening of internal control and new ERP,
  • Disposal of the company during the civil war


Audit & Legal Manager

Jan 1994 - Déc 1996

Foods/cleaners/personal products/packaging/textile, trade, insurances (2700 employees)

Main tasks :

  • Create and manage an internal audit and legal department (10 Ivorian managers).

Achievements :

  • Permanent audit plan and investigations into internal frauds
  • Acquisitions/disposal (palm tree plantations, textile business)

Paris, France

Audit Senior Group Manager

Jan 1991 - Déc 1993

Unilever International Audit – UIA

(Southern Europe and French speaking Africa)

Main tasks :

  • To assure Group Top Management that organisation/procedures in the operating companies are adequate to control their businesses/assets and operate effectively.

Achievements :

  • Day to day management (staff, budget, yearly audit planning)
  • Management of Audit missions industrial and sales operating companies
  • Investigations into major frauds and crisis management
  • Involvement in business acquisition (Morocco)

Paris, France

Company Lawyer

Jan 1981 - Déc 1990

Unilever France Services

Trading & Industrial Division France and Africa: 26 companies, 580 M€ and 4,500 employees.

Main tasks :

  • Advise head offices Paris - London) and Assist operating companies.

Achievements :

  • Transformation of working methods; analyse, elaboration and negotiation of trade agreements
  • Treatment of all litigations, including intellectual property rights and custom duties
  • Implementation of strategies of reorganisation of the entire business


Legal Advisor

Jan 1977 - Jan 1981

  • Labour law, social and economic legislation



1977     Université Rennes - DESS juriste d'affaires DJCE



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