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le 18/05/2020

Excellent collaborateur, dynamique et engagé, capable d’entrainer une équipe sur un parcours difficile.
Courageux et loyal. Stratégique et tactique. Toujours en mouvement.
Expérience confirmée dans un univers de banque d’investissement.
A l’aise dans un environnement international.


55 ans



Expériences professionnelles



Group Head of Transformation and Resources (Private Equity)

Jan 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Direct Assets : € 1 Billion / Indirect Assets : € 1 Billion

  • Purpose : up-grade group platform and business to become a world leader in Private Equity for agriculture and food Industry
  • Designing and implementing a group Transformation plan :
    • Support Shareholders & Group CEO in defining a medium term strategic plan
    • In the frame of the strategic plan, define the operational transformation plans
    • Implement a new governance (Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Risks Committee, IT Steering Committee etc …)
    • Creation of a Shared Services platform serving all companies of the group (Finance, Operations,Compliance, Risks, IT etc …)
    • Redesign and up-grade IT architecture (Finance, PE business, HR, etc…)
    • Design and implement HR action plans (career management, incentive remuneration, integration, retention and succession plans …)
    • Redesign the Risks framework
    • Invigorate Commercial development (redesigning the origination process : governance, stakeholders, supervision, MI, etc …)
    • Creation of a CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)/ESG function integrated to the investment process and to the firm governance
    • Elaborate next steps of the International development

Credit Suisse


Sep 2010 - Déc 2017

(Registered Director Towards French Regulators)

Revenues € 600 Million, Staff : 550

  • Building-up the “One Bank” :
    • Gathering all businesses in one single location and creating a natural cross-fertilizing work space
    • Creating a “Shared Governance”: Country ExCo, Risks Committee, etc …
    • Formalizing the “One Bank” Corporate Values (Corporate Identity Chart)
    • Creating a common operational plat-form: the “Shared Services” (IT, Ops, Finance, Risks, Compliance, HR, Legal, Corporate Services)
    • Stimulating the business cross-fertilization: creation of the “Single Global Currency” (cash remuneration of business finding between business divisions)
    • Give life to the “one bank” culture through “: One Bank”Corporate Communication : monthly “One Bank” Newsletter, “Extended Exco” breakfasts, “One bank” Business off-sites, Quarterly Town Halls, Annual Cross-borders events, creation of the “One Bank” Diversity Committee, creation of the “One Bank” Sustainable Development Committee, …
    • Legal Entity rationalization : cutting down from 25 legal entities to 2 legal entities (1 branch for Investment Bank and one subsidiary for Private Bank)
  • Implement Risks organization complying with Regulatory requirements:
    • Rethink Risks Management Operating Model further to Regulator’s audit negative report (part of the remediation plan)
    • Elaboration of the Risks Governance (procedures/policies/Governance bodies)
    • Up-grading of the risks functions staffing
    • Be the Senior point of contact for local and central Regulators (ACPR, AMF, FSA, FINMA, CSSF)
  • Create and drive (Western Europe COO) sub-regional business cluster for Western Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxemburg and Monaco) and replicate the “best practices” “invented” in France
  • “Changing the paradigm”: from a centralized to a decentralized operating model:
    • Rebuilding business divisions as “Front to Back Profit Centers”
    • Regain the control of costs (businesses back in control of their costs)
    • Redesign a “mean and lean” organization (Social Plan, Off-shoring, …)
    • Keep the organization together in spite of a dramatic organizational up-heaval
      • Implementation of retention/incentive program for targeted staff
      • Creation and implementation of the “one single team” for Corporate functions off-shored (Poland, Luxemburg, India)
      • Keep alive the “one bank” principle at Country Management level (one single ExCo, Risks Committee, …)
    • Conducting the Private Bank transformation program: migration of support platform to Luxemburg, transformation of French subsidiary into a branch of Luxemburg
  • Re-think remuneration policy in the frame of CRD IV and re-structuring:
    • Implement CRD IV at the best of staff interests (staff classification, materiality, Fixed versus Variable remuneration, …)
    • Elaborate, propose and implement “smart” alternatives (“actions Macron”, Expatriate premium, Subsidiarization of business, …)
  • Setting-up “Asset Management” business (Hedge Fund) business (2016-2017):
    • Creation of CS Quantitative Asset Management (London/Paris/NY/Hong-Kong) splitting-off from the Investment Bank
    • LBO of CSQSAM and creation of QRT (Hedge Fund) : High Frequency Trading for third party funds
    • Elaborating and implementing all Human Capital features of the projects (Staff social status, transfer modalities, etc …)
    • Creating a work space environment meeting the Company “start-up” spirit
  • Leading BREXIT project for France resulting in the creation a “BREXIT” subsidiary

Royal Bank of Scotland

COO France-Belux

Juil 2005 - Août 2010

(Registered Director Towards French Regulators) Structured Assets € 10 Billions

  • Creation and Development of structured Finance Franchise from scratch:
    • Establishing a professional banking operational structure (Compliance, Risks, Finance, HR, IT, Operations) to support a sky rocketing business
    • Implementing Compliance Framework in coordination with French Regulators
    • Build a “Scottish culture”, very much team oriented through a mindful recruitment selection of professionals having a common mind-set.
  • Conducting Cross-border merger between RBS and ABN-AMRO for France, Belgium and Luxemburg:
    • France as a “Pilot Country”: first country to complete the merger
    • Merging 2 cultures in “one”:
      • Creating a genuine partnership between the staff/executives of the 2 banks to build the new Corporate Charter / share the responsibilities
      • Adding up 2 ExCo working acting as one to achieve the merger
      • Redesigning Governance principles and bodies, procedures and policies
      • Legal entity rationalization : cutting down from 15 entities (subsidiaries) to one single branch
    • Streamlining new merged organization: Social Plan and Off-shoring while keeping the momentum with appropriate retention and incentive program

Goldman Sachs


Fév 2001 - Juin 2005

(Archon Real Estate Asset Management)

€ 15 billion Assets

  • Merger of Archon Group France Funds and UIC-SOFAL bank:
    • Conduct of CFO acquisition teams to build-up high profit return funds
    • Establishing step-by-step process for closing banking business and complete mutation towards a Real Estate Funds Management business
    • Creating standard procedures and policies required to structure the business and obtain certified rating by rating agencies (Standard & Poor’s/Reuters) required for having the funds eligible to investment by US Pension Funds
    • Establishing HR program for integration of staff from the bank:
      • Redesigning Corporate Operating Model (COM)
      • Scanning staff competences of both companies to identify experts required to meet the OM
      • Setting-up progressive staff phasing-out of redundant staff
      • Creating the Corporate Identity Chart and values and of the supporting internal Corporate communication strategy
  • At funds’ maturity (4 to 5 years), search new opportunities using the French model and “savoir-faire” resulting in developing the French model in Germany and Italy as a success story while progressively closing down French funds.

Barclays Group


Jan 1999 - Jan 2001

(Branch Manager)

  • Creating the new Investment Banking operational structure of Barclays Capital by merging numerous multi-cultural entities into a fully integrated anglo-saxon organization
  • EMEA project lead of French Pilot project “Changeover to Euro”
  • Conducting platform centralization in London

Banco Santander


Sep 1996 - Jan 1999

(Branch Manager)

  • In a context of a French non-performant business, Review and challenge strategy
  • Implement newly elaborated strategy for France:
    • Dismantle retail banking business
    • Re-orientate Financial Markets business
    • Develop Corporate Finance and Trade Finance business
    • Build a Corporate Banking culture from a retail banking base

Bank of France


Jan 1991 - Juil 1996

  • Drafting New banking regulations (Code Monétaire et Financier)
  • Nationalized Banks supervision as a seconded to Ministry of Finance
  • Project director for implementation of Markets Rooms and New Financial Products



1990     Assas Paris II - Master Degree in Economics

1990     IEP PAris - Diplome de L'IEP de PAris Section Eco/FI

1989     CNAM - Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy; Bilingual: French, English, Spanish, Italian

     Dominique POISSONNET; IEP de Paris 80 - Master in Political Sciences



Anglais : Courant

Italien : Courant

Espagnol : Courant