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56 ans



Expériences professionnelles


Nîmes, France

Managing Director

Juil 2018 - Avr 2020

Managing Director – 500 people – Turnover 120 M€

Main activity: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul for:

  • Aerial Fire Fighting fleet (Canadair CL415, Bombardier Dash-8, Beechcraft B200, Conair Tracker)
  • French military tanker KC135 fleet
  • French military aircrafts based in Pacific with a dedicated plant in Papeete
  • Integration of new plant in Perpignan after acquisition in January 2019

Mains skills: strategic plan to capture future market as A400M & MRTT, integration of new plant, improvement plan

Result end of 2019: new contract for the first 25 Check-A A400M.

NOVAE AEROSPACE (France & Romania)
Reims, France

Jan 2015 - Déc 2018

CEO BU Industry (Partner) – 250 people – Turnover 20 M€

Main activity: manufacturing of complex Aerostructure Work Package as Tier-2 for AIRBUS / DASSAULT aircraft.

Mains characteristics: management of the Company (2 different plants: France & Romania) Management of a transformation plan including performance improvement and ambitious European development plan in order to create a Tier-2 champion with a world-class offer.

Main skills: 5 years strategy of development with European Partners. M&A policy to develop the company.

Result end of 2017: new contracts of 10 years for a global amount of 150 M€ (A320 / A330).

INDUSMECA (France & Tunisia)
Toulouse, France

President & CEO

Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

President & CEO – 200 people – Turnover 17 M€

Main activity: Machining parts with high precision for aeronautics, rail, medical and energy
4 autonomous production Site (Toulouse, Bourges, Dijon & Tunis).

Mains characteristics: management of the Company (4 different plants: France (3) & Tunisia) Management of a global structuration plan and ambitious development plan in order to increase the efficiency of the Company and to prepare for external growth (mid-term).

Main event: Set up of an improvement plan in order to switch from “prototype process” to “serial process” and to improve all the key factors as: organization, economy, quality, industrial performance, team management, sales, business development, continuous improvement policy.


President & CEO

Oct 2009 - Avr 2013

President & CEO - 300 people - Turnover 120 M€ - Maintenance and repair of engines.

Result: Turnaround of the company from EBIT -10% to EBIT +4% - Turnover end of 2008 : 75 M€ - end of 2012 : 120 M€ (+60%)

Main skills: crisis management, merge & acquisition, full P&L management Result: October 2010 * June 2011: Member of Due Diligence Team with Eurocopter and EADS Corporate M&A for acquisition of VECTOR AEROSPACE. Since June 2011: merge within VECTOR AEROSPACE as one of the 4 Divisions, member of VECTOR AEROSPACE Executive Committee.



Jan 2007 - Déc 2008

CEO Manufacturing Division – 1200 people – Turnover: 75 M€

Main activity: industrialization and serial manufacturing of Aerostructure assemblies, activities mixed in our workshops and in dedicated area in the customer’s workshops.

Main characteristics: management of 10 different plants in France and Morocco (average size 150 people). Machining and forming of large dimension parts, machining of small parts and formed sections using high-speed machining, automated assembly and riveting.

Main events: management of strategic deployment after recent merger with new foundation: specialization and rationalization for each plant, new common MRP implementation, continuous improvement, business development and launch of an economic competitive plan.

Main skills: management of several plants, development of low cost strategy in Morocco and in Mexico (planned in 2009), new balance between business, sales, strategy, mergers and management team.

Rochefort, France

Jan 2005 - Jan 2007

Head of Industrial Aerostructure – 650 people – Turnover: 200 M€

Main activity:

  • industrialization, serial manufacturing of large dimension fuselage assemblies (shells), floor structure and door frame product lines, technical seats assembly.
  • bi-site activities with serial manufacturing of ATR Wings in Bordeaux.
  • growth of turnover up to 200 M€ and total headcounts up to 650 people.

Main events: management of ramp-up concerning ATR and A320, tracking of the deployment of a continuous improvement policy, make or buy policy deployment, launch of an economic competitive plan, SAP implementation.

Main skills: management in uncertain and crisis situations, broader perspective from engineering towards a more managerial and business one. Diversity management: international cooperation with China (CAC) and Russia (IRKUT), customer orientation with AIRBUS and DASSAULT.

Les Mureaux, France

Production Manager

Jan 2000 - Déc 2005

Pyro and Mechanical Production Unit Manager – 60 people – Turnover: 10 M€


Micromechanics Production Unit Manager

Jan 1997 - Déc 1999

Composite Production Unit
Les Mureaux, France

Production Line Manager

Jan 1995 - Jan 1997

Production Line Manager – Composite Production Unit

Les Mureaux, France

Unit Manager

Jan 1990 - Jan 1995

Engineer in the Department of trial devices and radar for nuclear missile development.



2002     Trainer for internal managing programme

2002     EADS (MBA INSEAD) - FAST Future AS Target - Corporate Business Academy

1997     ISO 9001 Auditor Learning

1993     Institut de Formation - AEROSPATIALE - Young Engineer Management Program

1989     Superior Institute of Electronics of Paris - Engineering Degree ISEP

1984     Baccalauréat C



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