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paul Directeur de Projet, DSI et Digital Officer
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Directeur de Projet, DSI et Digital Officer

Expériences professionnelles


Carrefour Group
Paris, France

Interim Chief Information Officer

Mars 2019 - Fév 2020

The executive board decided to globally approach self-service checkouts across eight independent countries.

  • Self-check out operational model definition and KPIs to review investments requests
  • RFP self-check outs to select a worldwide supplier and contract negotiation
  • Operational model and worldwide agreement roll out.

The Global Fund to fight Aids/HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Geneva, Switzerland

Chief Information Officer

Oct 2016 - Aujourd'hui

4 Bn$ granted annually. The Global Fund mission is to eradicate the three diseases. The IT Department did not meet the organization expectations.

  • delivered the new Global Health Campus building in Geneva in 18 months
  • turned around the IT team: customer service-oriented culture, performance and collaboration
  • challenged cloud agreements and turned around major projects: Security, Salesforce and Workday

Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition
Toronto, Canada

Independent Consultant

Oct 2015 - Sep 2016

  • Several engagements with Private Equity owned companies and "not for profit" to define IT strategy and roadmaps, review IT architecture and projects.

Loblaw, Shoppers Drug Mart Division
Toronto, Canada

Chief Information Officer

Avr 2014 - Sep 2015

2300 stores, 180,000 employees, turnover Can$43Bn. Following Shoppers Drug Mart acquisition, Loblaw confirmed the IT Roadmap and the IT organization until Fall 2015.

  • digitized and made omni-channel the 10m members Optimum loyalty program in 18 months
  • launched the Beautyboutique.ca prestige cosmetic web site in August 2015
  • pursued initiatives aiming at reducing significantly Pharmacy dispensing costs, improve patient experience and migrate Pharmacy into the digital world.

Those IT enabled strategic changes gave a critical competitive edge to Loblaw on the Pharmacy market.

Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM)
Toronto, Canada

Chief Information Officer

Avr 2009 - Mars 2014

1300 franchised drugstores, Pharmacy and cosmetic national leader, 55,000 employees, turnover Can$12Bn. After a decade of store expansion, SDM needed to shift its strategy to organic growth, higher productivity product and service innovation and multi-channel. For years IT had been confined to keeping the light on. Change was required as IT was to become strategic to SDM success:

  • established governance to validate the IT Strategy and align to the business strategy
  • turned around distressed projects (Point of sale, Store Work Force Management, Store Data Network outsourcing) and put in place an efficient and effective project management practise
  • launched an emergency plan to comply with EMV and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards
  • defined IT strategy covering applications, infrastructure and IT operation
  • set up on-premise and cloud infrastructure to support mobility and digital architecture
  • deployed SAP to wholesale subsidiaries and aligned the teams to the strategy
  • reduced SDM customers service desk waiting time from 10 minutes to less than 30 seconds
  • rebuilt and kept improving the leadership team. innovation, accountability and performance.

Project delivery track record improved with programs being delivered on time. The IT investment decision making process approved 50 projects annually focusing application and infrastructure projects on major business transformations. Meanwhile IT costs ($m80) went under control, service levels to customers and the business remained very high. SDM IT team growing reputation was attracting more talented people.

In 2013 the Enterprise Data function reporting to the CIO was created. Data standards and Data Governance were put in place to drive quality improvements to support better Analytics and Digital.

Massy, France


Jan 2003 - Déc 2008

French retailer, operating 10,000 hypermarkets, supermarket, convenience and cash&carry stores across 30 countries, 365,000 employees with turnover in excess of €80Bn.

Carrefour France

3000 stores (30% franchised), 150,000 employees, €35 Bn turnover. IT had become a major Board concern: Capex and Opex were out of control, costs were too high, IT accountability was diluted over several teams, IT operations performance was poor and unfulfilled business needs were growing.

  • created IT Governance chaired by the CEO to review and approve all IT Capex
  • streamlined IT suppliers base to five key suppliers selected to share risks and cut costs. Offshore services were put in place from Spain, Czech Republic, Morocco and India
  • reorganized the internal IT team: closing three sites out of six, reducing internal IT/IS headcount from 600 to 500 and integrating them to the internal IT services company (CSIF) in Lyon and Massy
  • established Carrefour system and IT strategy focusing on:
    • supply chain to improve efficiency, productivity and cut shelves shortages
    • CRM and loyalty program to move from a “product oriented” to a “customer-driven” model
    • decision support system to provide a single set of reliable indicators. A single Data repository for all merchandise data implemented
    • IT infrastructure to provide high security, high availability and reliable IT operations
    • Launching on-line merchant site and providing better service levels to users and customers.

The Carrefour loyalty program was launched in 2004 achieving m15 members by 2008. Two outsourced data centres were created in 2005 and ITIL processes deployed. IT governance approved more than 200 projects worth more than €400 m with benefits in excess of €500m. In 2008 costs were down to 0.76% of Carrefour revenue. The business could rely on IT to launch new services and marketing campaigns on time.

Paris, France

Carrefour Global System Strategy Officer

Jan 2002 - Jan 2003

Carrefour Group

Interim Global CIO in 2003

  • defined the global IT system strategy in line with Carrefour business strategy and values
  • defined Carrefour system strategy for key business processes (Buying, Supply-Chain, POS, Customer Management, Finance, Analytics and BI) at global, regional and country level
  • deployed the Financial (PeopleSoft) and BI Corporate systems across the Carrefour countries
  • set up an IT global procurement with capability of launching worldwide RFPs and negotiating worldwide contracts saving more than €30m annually
  • Carrefour countries IT leaders coordination and benchmark to identify and transfer IT best practices.

Paris, France


Jan 2000 - Déc 2001

1000 food supermarkets and 1500 convenient stores (75% franchised) in France - 50,000 employees - €12 Bn turnover - The objective was to merge Comptoirs Modernes and Promodes IT for Supermarkets, Convenient stores and Cash & Carry stores as the retail banners were merging:

  • merging Promodes and Comptoirs Modernes loyalty schemes to build a 5 million customers database
  • shut down the Promodes Nantes and Levallois IT centres
  • created a single merchandise referential system for all supply chain systems
  • converted the whole Information System to the Euro currency on 1st January 2002.

Comptoirs Modernes
Le Mans, France

Global CIO

Nov 1997 - Déc 1999

600 supermarkets and convenient stores in France, Spain, Poland and Brazil - €3 Bn turnover - The strategic plan was to expand internationally and build a centralized supply chain in France. IT had to evolve rapidly to allow for the move from "region based" to "country based" focus in France:

  • created the Global CIO position and established the Comptoirs Modernes IT services company
  • shut down five data centres, outsourcing of IT operations and relocation of the five regional Comptoirs Modernes IT and System teams to a single new site in Lyon
  • implemented an IT organization based on core functions, outsourcing and closeness to business
  • established the Global Comptoirs Modernes application strategy:
    • automated store replenishment to improve store productivity and reduce inventory
    • Development and roll-out of a loyalty scheme with a 2.5 million customer database
    • Year 2000
  • opening new operations in Poland (SAP out of the box) and Brazil and new stores in Spain.

In December 1999, Carrefour, Comptoirs Modernes and Promodes merged creating a global retailer operating in 30 countries and leading market share in France, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Argentina.

TOTAL SA Global Refining & Marketing
La Défense, France

VP of Global IT

Jan 1997 - Nov 1997

Having joined as global head of systems development unexpected structure changes made me work as an internal consultant close to the Refining&Marketing Division global general manager:

  • year 2000 project set up
  • negotiating outsourcing contracts for application maintenance
  • SAP package selection to replace legacy systems and SAP procurement negotiation
  • setting up SAP implementation project, selecting an integrator and the team
  • defining IT infrastructure to support SAP deployment.

Paris, France

Europe CIO

Jan 1993 - Jan 1995

1,000 stores, leader in apparel and upscale food, operating in UK, France, Ireland, Benelux, Spain, Canada, Hong-Kong. M&S was planning to expand in Europe and change its market position from “British specialty” to “mass market” and “upscale fresh food”.

Marks&Spencer Europe (M&S)

13 m£ plan approved by the UK board definition and implementation:

  • integration of European system to UK buying and supply chain systems
  • deployment UK general merchandise systems including Point of Sale to European subsidiaries
  • strengthening telecom and store infrastructure in order to absorb increasing volumes

At the end of 1994, retail prices were cut by 15%, volumes went up, stock went down and profit up

London, UK

Store Systems Manager

Jan 1995 - Déc 1997

Marks&Spencer PLC

  • improving store system operational performance in reducing daily incidents by 50%
  • development and roll-out of in-store infrastructure and of a new application to manage stores merchandise stock
  • improvement of IT team productivity by 20%.

KPMG, Peat Marwick Management Consultants


Jan 1990 - Jan 1991

With a multinational team I led a number of engagements in Europe for Stock Exchanges, banks Securities Depositories and IT suppliers.

Paris Office


Jan 1989 - Jan 1990

A number of engagements managed to select large accounting software, review mutual funds administration department practices, organization and accounting.

Paris Office


Jan 1987 - Jan 1989

Multiple assignments to the Paris Stock Exchange (SBF) on the French new Securities Clearing and Settlement System project (RELIT).



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