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Martine : Directeur Supply Chain
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Directeur Supply Chain

Boulogne-Billancourt — 59ans

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le 18/05/2020 par Christian Carme, pdg

Martine est une personne dynamique, organisée, volontaire et sérieuse.
Elle est à l'écoute et une réunion avec elle aboutie à une décision et une action.
Elle prend des initiatives constructives et est proactive.
Ses compétences scientifiques et de manager lui permettent d'appréhender correctement les besoins et les améliorations à faire dans l'organisation d'une entreprise qui a besoin de se restructurer.


59 ans


Directeur Supply Chain

Expériences professionnelles




Consulting ($ 3 Bio, 10,000 employees)

Clients CAC 40

PSA (automotive)

  • Re-engineering of procurement, logistics departments & IT systems to save 100 Mio €
    • Define process of procurement of spare parts
    • Organize the operations of change management and elaborate the corresponding communication plan
    • Project management for implementing the SAP ERP and the APS APO for sales forecast


  • Implementation of SAP on 5 manufacturing sites – Leading big bang deployment
    • Define the KPI ‘s to follow activity
    • Coach the Supply Chain Director to improve the internal flows & secure project
    • Succeed in amending the initial situation (delay of 1.5 years).

Air France

  • Define and optimize the IT maps to delete 300 applications
    • Define the specifications of AF and guide AF in their choice to select Siebel, SAP and Winchild (data management)
    • Interviewing board members
    • Weekly reporting to the CEO


Supply Chain Director

Distribution (BtoB) (Purchasing budget 153 Mio €, transport 4 Mio €)

Re-engineering of the company with focus on the trade equivalent to 45 % of the turnover of the group

  • Change ERP/APS – Short list 5 software editors
  • Closed 2 logistic platforms and opened the new platform of 30 000 m2 - Managed 135 employees.
  • Managed the departments of procurement (60,000 articles, 15 employees) invoicing (15 employees), and 400 European suppliers. EDI with suppliers settled.
  • Studied of combined multimodal options (railway, road, trucks) to decrease costs of transportation. Savings 25% of the cost of transportation
  • Optimized stocks level of the 60,000 references with inventory turnover of 1/3 per year. Obtained a savings of 25 % on stock value
  • Settled the crossdocking operation to contribute to the improvement of the service level agreement (LSA) up to 95%
  • Organized flows of transport towards 150 stores on a daily base.
  • Negotiated prices with several fleets of transport.


Transport and sales administration Director

Distribution worldwide (BtoB) (560 Mio €, 4 Mio € transport)

Managed 160 employees

Restructuring of the logistic platform of Dior to sustain an increase of +30% (volume/turnover)- settle Just in time process with a constant staff

  • Wrote multi countries/multi services specifications of changing the ERP. Chose the software editor Intentia.
  • Reorganized the Sales administration department (17 employees) to match with the time collection (3 months)
  • Manage the orders (MTO) with more than 200 people recording orders. Improved performance of invoicing to secure turnover: 99% invoicing on time
  • Settled Track &Trace solution for trucks to reduce cost of insurance by 10%.


Manager of IT projects for Europe and Asia

Printing solutions ($ 3 Bio, 10,000 employees)

In close collaboration with members of the board in Europe, determined the 20 strategic projects to sustain the outsourcing policy of the group. Managed more than 80 employees per project. CAPEX/OPEX. Reporting to the Executive committee.

  • Wrote specifications multi countries/multi services integrating Supply Chain, Finance, Production and transport
  • Obtained the «Green light» of the committee and led projects
  • As outsourcing was in place, closely worked with K&N and Geodis to connect IT systems to share supply chain information. On a daily base this information had to be used by the sales force in contact with purchasing platforms of Auchan,….
  • Defined the roadmap and planning to lead projects – Evaluated costs & HR needs
  • Wrote test cases/data room.


Sales / Commercial

SoftmesoLogy® Cosmetic field

Start-up created in 2011. Right-hand of the president and stakeholder since 2014

  • Created the medical division in January 2016 to develop sales in France with MD, dermatologists, ophthalmologists….
  • Organization and public-speaking during conferences for IMCAS, Face to Face… exhibitions dedicated to professionals to propose our technology to professionals
  • Wrote articles in Anti-Aging reviews
  • Contact with cosmetic laboratories to develop products and machines – Managed close collaboration with sub-contractors.
  • Recorded 3 patents worldwide – Engaged the worldwide certifications and FDA.


Sales Manager France, Belgium, Lux and North Africa

Glass solutions (220 Mio €, 500 employees)

Turnkey factories

  • Presented machine offers to the CEO company
  • Proposed various scenarios and plans to fulfill the specifications given during meeting and flow constraints/the flow speed of the chain.
  • Proposed automatization and IT systems to lead the production
  • Negotiated sales and sold 2 factories 20 million €/each.


International Business Director

Software editor, 200 employees

  • Opened the affiliate in Boston to develop the US market
  • Restructured the Chinese affiliate without turnover for 3 years
  • Developed the Toolexpert software in Chinese
  • Submitted the NC Simul software to 400 Chinese buyers in China in the aeronautic field


Business unit Director

(550 million €, 2000 employees)

Field: Electronic, Medical, laboratory equipment

Without strikes and within a context of restructuring, built a new business center dedicated to machining operations. Lead all operations from purchasing of raw materials to customer deliveries. Integration of lean manufacturing, Just in time and auto control.

Sales increased mainly due to negotiation with GE in the US HQ.

  • Turnover increased by + 15 % et gross margin + 10%
  • Collected new customers in the field of Electronics: ST Microelectronics, Siemens, Motorola…for Europe
  • Started the development of a new line of products in Japan dedicated to the steel industry: increase of sales by + 26%.



2007     Martine LANDON -; Europe; CNAM - Executive MBA ESCP; martine.landon.2@gmail.com Finance

1991     Ecole des Mines - PhD physics; nationality French, English - Available to relocate abroad



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