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Yves : Consultant Strategique Russie
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Start Up
Anti-crisis management
optimisation Head-Account
optimisation reporting

le 11/10/2019 par une personne étant Group controller

Yves apporte indéniablement son expertise "pays" et fait preuve d'une totale autonomie. Il est tout à fait adapté dans un environnement start-up ou pour "donner un coup de pied dans la fourmilière" dans des situations de résistance au changement. Dans un pays administrativement compliqué, il sait faire la part entre les obligations légales et les habitudes/situations de confort.


58 ans


Consultant Strategique Russie

Expériences professionnelles


Cedres de Russie

Treasurer volunteer

Jan 2020 - Aujourd'hui

- I’m playing Key role in financing in Europe and in Russia via crowdfunding and collection of donations.
- Building a fully transparent management of the cash to avoid any misappropriations in case of Audits or Request.


Chief Financial Officer

Jan 2018 - Nov 2019

* I played Key role in the set-up of aggressive Budget to highlight the actions to be provided to reach the consolidated Break Even in 3 years.
* My optimizations of the reporting have shown a positive Free Cash Flow to secure the investments.

REYDEL Automotive OOO Kaluga

Finance Consultant

Jan 2017 - Nov 2017

* As Leader, I have closed all Critical Open Issues on Treasury and Closing/Reporting highlighted by the Audit of the Group Internal Control (7 and 41 accordingly) .
* My reorganizations of the priorities of the Financial Department have accelerated the reporting by 2 days to secure the presentations and comments Management.


Chief Financial Officer

Jan 2016 - Oct 2016

* Due to my negotiations with the Banks, I have achieved the reorganizations of 4 financings to 1 with less % and 12% gain on monthly payments.
* Successfully implemented the Budget of the Project which brings out the 15% gross profit to forecast a positive EBIT.

SKIFF Consulting Moscow

Senior Consultant

Jan 2014 - Déc 2015

* I have trained the consultants to the Due Diligence process, to the permanent Process improvement implementation and to the Environmental Management ISO 14051.


Deputy General Manager

Jan 2013 - Nov 2013

* I have successfully provided an anti-crisis management to secure the logistics flow.
* I Played a Key role in the Optimization of Customer Service.
* I have provided the Re-launch of the sales with repositioning the brand, Sales = + 10 % EBIT = + 13%

DSK Plastic Omnium Inergy Togliatty

Chief Financial Officer Group

Jan 2011 - Déc 2012

* I have sat up the financial structure and IT.
* I played a Key role in the aggressive 3 years Budget with the presentation to the shareholders.
* The Financial Department became the Business Partner of the Russian Management Team.
* With the help of my management, I have delivered the reporting on time with 2 Direct Reports missing.

Valeo Lighting Systems Nizhnyi Novgorod

Finance Consultant

Août 2010 - Déc 2010

* I played Key role in the Operational and Financial structure.
* I have obtained all Authorizations for the risk-free launch of production lines.

Valeo Climate Control Moscow

Finance Consultant

Mai 2010 - Août 2010

* I played Key role in the optimization of the local reporting.
* I have sat up the push Button Reporting

Edifin SA Kostroma

Chief Financial Officer

Jan 2010 - Avr 2010

* I have secured the formats of the validation of the investment project.
* I have fulfilled the consolidated Due Diligence.

Valeo Services Russia Moscow Region

Finance Consultant

Jan 2009 - Déc 2009

* I have secured the relationships the with strategic suppliers.
* I have launched the subsidiary on time.

V.I.C. Moscow Region

Chief Financial Officer Group

Jan 2008 - Oct 2008

* I have sat up from 0 the IFRS Due Diligence for VIRBAC.
* I have created the Financial Control department and the Credit Management.

Yves Rocher Vostok

Executive Finance Director Russia / Deputy Managing Director

Jan 2004 - Déc 2007

* I played a key role in the development of St Petersburg, + 3 new shops per year.
* I have initiated the launch of the others Brands of the Group.
* Team Leader of 40 Directs Reports.

Aventis Pharma Russia

Financial Controller

Jan 2000 - Jan 2004

* I played the Lead of the Preparation of Budget and Management Quarterly Forecasts.
* I perfectly managed the OPEX notwithstanding revenue growth + 143%.
* Head Account Management of 25 Directs Reports.


Finance Director

Jan 1997 - Jan 2000

* I played Key role in the management of the Consolidated Business
* I played Key role in the optimization of taxes and of the Free Cash Flow.

GEOXIA (Building Activities)

Accounting Manager Russia

Jan 1993 - Jan 1997

* I played Key role in the Creation, the monitoring and the closure of 4 Russian L.E.



2014 : ISO 14051

1983 : Diplome Expertise Comptable



2014     IFC; International Finance Corporation, World Bank Subsidairy - Certification ISO 14051 at the

1982     Law University Valence, France

1982     University Grenoble 2, France - Diploma in accounting expertizing (level)



Francais : Langue maternelle

Anglais : Niveau avancé

Russe : Courant

Allemand : Moyen