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Xavier : Directeur de Transformation
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58 ans

Londres, Royaume Uni

Directeur de Transformation

Expériences professionnelles


Pirilin Solutions
Londres, Royaume Uni

Managing Director

Jan 2013 - Aujourd'hui

Interim management focused on business transformation, performance improvement, and operational turnaround.

Leicester, UK

Transformation Consultant

Oct 2020 - Déc 2020

Led a sales effectiveness assessment and implemented recommendation to support aggressive growth plans for Nylacast, a £25M cast nylon manufacturer owned by Equistone

  • Refocused sales and introduced metrics to track activity levels of sales staff throughout the sales cycle
  • Fostered the collaboration between Engineering and Sales to create solutions to deepen account penetration
  • Defined a competency framework and organised a 360 survey of sales staff as baseline for development plans


Restructuring Officer

Fév 2020 - Juin 2020

Supported the Executive Chair during the turnaround of a distressed bus operator across the UK

Developed a 100-day turnaround plan to generate operational margin improvements of 4% with focus on rostering & allocation, RMO activities and fuel efficiencies

Addison Lee
Londres, Royaume-Uni

Interim Transformation Director

Fév 2019 - Déc 2019

Supported the CEO in the preparation for an equity sale by improving the attractiveness of the business

  • Coordinated the delivery of a cost reduction programme cutting across all lines of business to generate savings corresponding to 30% of current EBITDA.
  • Sized the liabilities linked to the transition of the drivers’ status from self-employed to worker, ensuring an hourly pay above national minimum wage, holiday pay and a pension contribution. Quantified options to achieve this transition in way that kept Addison Lee both solvent and legally compliant.
  • Challenged the corporate view that sluggish trade was a demand problem that price changes would address, advocating instead that supply was ill-managed. Led a proof of concept to simplify the logic behind the allocation of cars, with the view to free capacity by 10% for additional rides.

Londres, Royaume-Uni

Interim Transformation Director

Oct 2017 - Juin 2018

Launched Accelerate, a group transformation programme at Arriva, to define and implement operational best practices across the Group, for both train and bus.

  • Put in place programmatic workings with a pull approach to change. Set up a design hothouse process, involving all divisions in the problem diagnostic and its solution design. Built a lean team to facilitate the hothouses, establish a thorough reporting and track benefits.
  • Positioned the managing directors of the twenty-four operating companies as the local champions of the implementation, and asked them to define their own saving ambition. Stretched the role of Finance at Arriva, by putting it in ownership of the benefits realisation.
  • Documented a detailed Accelerate guideline, with specific attention to the sequence of activities for each step, the output documents, and the related governance, so that Accelerate could scale up activities later.
  • The first three initiatives of Accelerate focused on
    • driver allocation and rostering, to increase staff utilisation rates while maintaining service levels,
    • fuel efficiency, to shift the behaviour of the fleet drivers and develop line manager capabilities for one-to-one performance reviews,
    • procurement, with a change of practices to increase the percentage of the spend controlled by category managers, a more transparent use of comparative data across Arriva and a better demand management

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Interim Transformation Director

Jan 2015 - Nov 2015

Led the sales turnaround for Teleplan, a global electronics after-market service company owned by Gilde.

  • Voiced to the Management Team the need to eradicate a prevailing culture of fear and blame before anything could sustainably change. Established management processes to support the ways of working and escalate sales issues. Built bottom-up metrics to track performance and free the Management Team of the temptation to micro-manage their organisation.
  • Deployed revamped processes for acquisition and retention of programs, focusing on pipeline qualification and value selling. Steered the choice of new CRM, with an initial focus on process maps and performance metrics as system requirements. Got sales on a path of 10-15% increase.

Aubervilliers, France

Interim Transformation Director

Juil 2014 - Mars 2015

Turned around the sales force of Selecta, a French distribution service company owned by KKR.

  • Redefined its market segmentation, and established profitability criteria based on the existing customer base.
  • Defined closed lists of prospects for sales reps, of a size based on the contracts duration and the workload of preparing bids. Assessed the skillset of the salesforce, with recommendations for training/ hire/ redeployment.
  • Identified reasons for losing contracts, and developed tools to prioritise actions to keep customers satisfied.
  • Mobilised the Regional Directors as local implementation champions. Trained sales staff on new approaches with the local champions and equipped the management with tools to monitor performance, leading to a sales pick-up of 25%.
  • Defined business requirements for a CRM upgrade, with the establishment of the process workflows, the decision gates, and data quality checks.

Croix, France

Transformation Consultant

Juil 2013 - Déc 2013

Framed the turnaround of the Real Estate function of Auchan, a French supermarket chain. Projects tended to drift on budget and timeline, challenging their target ROI.

  • Mapped out the value chain of real estate projects, with corresponding resources deployment and handovers to then simplify the work flow.
  • Developed a competency framework, identifying weaknesses and needs to hire/ redeploy/ train resources to improve the quality of project initiation decisions, cost controls, and quality checks of suppliers work packages.
  • Sorted governance issues linked to non-compliance to the new process to enable cost avoidance of €330m on big projects over a period of 3 years.

Londres, Royaume Uni

Strategy Consultant

Fév 2014 - Mai 2014

Defined the market entry strategy for Arcadis, an engineering firm, into the UK Oil & Gas market.

  • Analysed market shifts, especially the mismatch between the move of significant service providers away from the North Sea continental shelf and the growing workload in decommissioning sites. Organised a workshop with senior stakeholders to build a value proposition around this opportunity.
  • Identified the core capabilities of the organisation and developed a competency framework to size and qualify capabilities in the organisation.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Due Diligence Consultant

Avr 2016 - Juin 2016

Performed the operational due diligence of a target for Freshstream in engineering maintenance.

  • Interviewed and assessed members of the management team. Challenged the ambition of the management team, given the stretched nature of the job market in their sector.
  • Identified potential upside of 10% EBITDA in procurement, performance management and sales effectiveness

Londres, Royaume Uni

General Manager

Mars 2008 - Déc 2012

Part of BT managing the local access network, connecting communication providers to their customers

  • Responsible for the process transformation to increase efficiency across the entire product portfolio Established a hierarchical definition of the processes, down to operational procedures, and the ways in which behaviours had to change. Raised job efficiency by 23%, enabling savings of £119m per year.
  • Shrunk from 18 to 10 months the time-to-market for new products by building a library of reusable capabilities, with clear requirement definition to simplify the IT support and the definition of tasks for operators.
  • Transformed a 4,800 staff customer service centre, increasing speed and quality of service with a headcount reduction of 35%. Consolidated 24 sites into 7 and eliminated crosschecks to increase customer satisfaction with handling of complaints.
  • Coached junior managers to lead and inspire their teams as part of the Inspirational Leadership Program.

AT Kearney
Londres, Royaume Uni

Senior Manager

Jan 2005 - Jan 2008

Global management consultancy combining strategic insights and deep operations expertise Responsible for teams of consultants to drive delivery of projects and benefits to clients six distinct operators.

  • Designed and managed the transition to shared services for Shell France at Berre, a petrochemical site with six distinct operators. Developed material for union negotiation to get change ratified and implemented. Developed material for union negotiation to get change ratified and implemented.
  • Led a 40-staff team on a 90-day project to rewrite the bill of materials for three US sites of a portfolio company of TPG in foam manufacturing, with 55% of production and 85% of revenues covered within 5 weeks. Restated activity-based costing of production and enabled product pricing to be profitable again.
  • Moved a plant of Emerson, a manufacturing conglomerate, from make-to-forecast to make-to-stock for the fast selling items, in order to stabilise a chaotic operation. Rebalanced the inventory levels for all related parts. Engaged the suppliers on the shift in demand for their parts. Reshaped the procurement approach from Far-East suppliers with long lead times to Eastern European ones with less than a week supply response.
  • Facilitated for Boeing the conversion of four manufacturing workshops from a batch process to a one-part flow system at the 737 assembly line in Renton, WA. Got staff in a can-do mindset by getting quick implementation and quick assessment of improvements (“if you need to fail, fail fast”). Changes improved capacity by 70%, quality by 45% and reduced delivery time by 85%.

Royal Dutch Shell
Londres, Royaume Uni

Senior Business Consultant

Sep 1998 - Fév 2005

Leading member of Shell's Internal Business Consultancy, a 35-staff group put on business-critical missions of a more stringent vetting process for new customers to reduce the headcount by 45%. Led a baseline assessment, and set up events to bring up changes in the behaviours and leadership style of the management team.

  • Took part to the turnaround of Shell Brazil, with a pruning of 30% of its B2B portfolio and the introduction of a more stringent vetting process for new customers
  • Assisted a Group CIO for the organisational alignment of the 10,000-staff IT function during its turnaround to reduce the headcount by 45%. Led a baseline assessment, and set up events to bring up changes in the behaviours and leadership style of the management team.
  • Led a program to streamline the 4,400 websites within the Shell domain and transition them to an employee portal. Surveyed employees as basis for a mock-up to render an employee portal priming user data consumption over corporate communication.

SABCA - Brussels, Belgium
Bruxelles, Belgium

Nov 1989 - Août 1996

A $500-million aeronautical manufacturing company with 1,500 employees

Lead engineer in charge of research and space developments projects for ESA and NASA



1998     University of Virginia - MBA, Darden Graduate School of Business

1988     Université Catholique de Louvain - Ingénieur Civil Mécanicien



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