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50 ans


Directeur de Projet ERP

Expériences professionnelles



IT Finance Senior Manager (Transition Manager)

Jan 2019 - Mars 2019

  • Business Area: Transport and Fleet management

  • Project: evolutive maintenance and IFRS16 project

  • Mission: Project Manager of AS400 optimization (300kE/y gain), AX users (2300) license optimization program (50k/y), manage 6 people for support evolutive maintenance, prioritization, relation with Fin Dept, manage project managers, resource planning for 2019 and track, pipe of 100 contacted people (Geodis and suppliers), audit & factoring project (SAP, AS400 and AX project manager), global budget of the team a 2M euros/y


IT Senior Manager (deep to top C-level)

Nov 2018 - Déc 2018

  • Business Area: Cheese (Entremont Alliance, Les Fromageries Occitanes), ½ Billion Euros revenues

  • Project: Quick-Win Consolidation Project Manager

  • Mission: In a context of post Merge & Acquisition, perform a quick IT and business assessment, and interface realization to consolidate at Corp Level Sales with the correct granularity from a SAP system to the corporate BW-BPC system


IT Senior Manager for Deloitte

Juin 2018 - Oct 2018

  • Business Area: Re-Insurance

  • Project: IFRS’ Project Scoping

  • Mission: IT assessment (250 reporting, 120 interfaces, 50 conversion, 800 enhancements, 15 workflow, 800 datacubes), monthly closing impact, extra-effort sizing to double close (IFRS4 + IFRS’ during the 2020 transition), transition strategy, asset accounting per ledger group impact, BFC enhancement for IFRS16 retro-postings, technical accounting system impact (new ledger or not exercise, Current Baseline vs Baseline-Delta vs new Legder IFRS approach), project roadmap key milestones and awareness variables, system replication options & quotations, iterative weekly special matter focuses, Program Management PMO (10 directors) weekly meeting SAP systems focused, main systems: SAP eHP7 and BW on S4/Hana and BFC via FIM


Project manager / CFO advisor

Jan 2018 - Avr 2019

  • Business Area: Luxury manufacturer

  • Project : Convergence, Genesis

  • Mission 1 : Manage 4 ERP team to interface with the ViaReport consolidation tool (multi IFRS with 16), master mapping governance, member of steering committee, and IT Group Strategic committee

  • Mission 2 : Controlling optimization processes for analytical result and consolidation in SAP, work with plant directors and controllers (CO-PC, Material Ledger, Asset Accounting)


Test Manager for AdServio

Déc 2017 - Juin 2018

  • Business Area: Luxury & Cosmetics

  • Project: Flight performance

  • Mission: Define a test sets with Finance & Logistic business team to improve the new Flight Server (EUR, ASI and USA merged into a single machine), Define tests sets also to avoid deadlock objet which implicates batch interruption, test simulating 1000 users with an AdServio data injector tool. Roadmap for 200 programs test execution



Août 2017 - Mai 2018

  • Business Area: Power Unit & Helicopter Turbos

  • Position: IFRS 15 Consultant

  • Project: POB and PS (current status; Go-Live preparation), mix standard and specific

  • Mission: Setup version & regularization keys of PS, request for ABAP CJ20n enhancement

ALTICE group

Senior Advisor and Project Manager for RGP consulting

Août 2017 - Jan 2018

  • Business Area: Telecom

  • Project: IFRS16

  • Mission: a 5 countries assessments and deployment methodology. Analyze of current and definition of target for contract management, IFRS16 legal advising, process organization, discount cashflow simulation for all leasing contracts for a first IFRS16 fair valuation estimated at 2,5 billion of euros, corporate meeting for strategic decision (tower sale to be leased, a 500M euros value), choice of tool (lease accelerator) and implementation detailed design, interfaces specification (SAP and PeopleSoft), data migration and cutover detailed design

  • Sites : France, Israël, Dominican Republic, Portugal, USA


Consultant & Team Leader for CODiLOG-Neurones

Jan 2017 - Nov 2017

  • Business Area: Electronic & Defense

  • Position: IFRS 15 Consultant & Team Leader for CODiLOG-Neurones

  • Project: Build IFRS 15, full standard project

  • Mission: pre-sales, advise, propose, setup, data migrate WBS and SD items to be compliant with IFRS15, interface with BPC, SAP-BW, re-do closing (100 steps)



Jan 2017 - Mars 2017

  • Business Area: Electronic & Defense

  • Position: IFRS 15 Consultant

  • Project: POC IFRS 15

  • Mission: Pre-Sales, realize an end to end IFRS15 POC (non-valuated project stock, production order, semi-finished product), result analysis with IAS 11&18 and IFRS15 in parallel versions, FI-RAR integration on SD



Jan 2017 - Nov 2018

  • Business Area: Electronic & Defense

  • Position: IFRS 15 Consultant

  • Project: POB and PS (current status; Go-Live), full specific project

  • Mission: IFRS15 advising activities, PS and CO customizing (version, keys, ID, report writers), FI and CO regularization document generation, propose IFRS15 POB impact on SD module and WBS structure, implement version in order to calculate IAS 18&11 and in parallel IFRS15, newGL Prove of Concept on dedicated system (no Go at the end)


Controlling Consultant

Avr 2016 - Fév 2017

  • Business Area: Industrial Cleaning Company

  • Project: Post Go-Live Study to reduce database size and optimize business processes

  • Mission: Study current IT environment, propose optimization in order to increase productivity and reduce cost of maintenance of the solution. Scope: Finance, Production, Sales and Purchasing. For my part, it is to investigate Material Ledger SAP module with the business process owner to reduce the number of posting and standardize the processing within SAP. Also, to increase the relationship between the Material Ledger sub-module and CO-PA (Profit analysis). We’ve also delivered several sheets where we define for each our recommendation

PSA Group


Déc 2015 - Jan 2017

  • Business Area: Automotive

  • Mission1 (nov 2015 to Apr 2016): IFRS16 (IAS 17, lessee side) consultant, IT and functional assessment within 130 companies to prepare a global blueprint due to the impact of the European law voted the 16th of Jan 2016, rental purchasing items will become assets to be amortized in the IFRS GAAP ledger. P/L impact: 1,1 billion Euros, project cost estimation: 1 million Euros, RFI and RFP preparation

  • Mission2 (mar 2016 – today): IT asset consultant, several French merging companies (distribution business), 30.000 assets to be transferred from companies to another, merge 1: done, merge 2: done, merge 3: before closing of May 2017

  • Mission3 (oct 2016 – mars 2017): IT coordinator for Spanish distribution companies merging, 40 applications, 100 people

  • Mission4 (oct 2016 – Dec 2016): new name, HQ address and ID companies for French companies, IT manager, 40 people to coordinate, 15 SAP and 10 non-SAP applications

  • Mission5 (oct 2016 – now): Prototype and R&D optimization within SAP PS project. PS expert position. 2 billion euros posting to be harmonized and for some migrated.


Stream Manager & Functional Integrator

Avr 2015 - Déc 2015

(40 people to coordinate), for SOPRA

  • Business Area: Defense & system of Communication

  • Project Name: ERP France Program

  • Mission: During the General Design, I was in charge of the controlling and treasury risk management streams, during the detailed design, I was in charge of all the Finance Area and integration

TOTAL, M&S affiliates

Master CO consultant

Jan 2014 - Mars 2015

  • Business Area: Refinery, Addictive’s, Transport, Oil & Gas

  • Position: Master CO consultant (key central point), mainly CO-PC and CO-PA, for SOPRA

  • Projects: Maintenance of 150 affiliates within the world, FIFO POC for South Africa, Roll-out of Lebanon and Swiss

Enseigne La Poste

IT interim Manager, Functional Stream Leader

Mai 2013 - Mai 2014

  • Business Area: 18000 sales points (shops, itinerant and post offices)

  • Position: IT interim Manager, Functional Stream Leader, for SOPRA

  • Projects: Upgrade SAI (5M posting/d), professional direct debit SEPA Go-Live, Archiving Go-Live for ECC & SRM (1To/y), Legal archiving (TJC solution)

Metro Cash&Carry

Project Director

Juil 2012 - Avr 2013

  • Business Area: WholeSales Stores for professional customers

  • Position: Project Director for SOPRA

  • Project: FUSION Roll-Out

  • Mission: deliver a new Finance SAP solution, merge 130 companies to 3, conversion of 80.000 assets and setup a 3 ledgers solution to handle unsynchronized fiscal period (IFRS vs FR Gaap)

Cassidian - EADS Group

Project Manager and Stream Leader

Mars 2012 - Juil 2012

  • Business Area: Telecommunication provider (civil and military)

  • Position: Project Manager and Stream Leader for SOPRA

  • Projects: Merge of Companies and Carve-Out

  • SLO Project (5 months): 4 companies to be merged with the SAP SLO tool. (Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Projects). BW integration

  • Carve-Out (4 months): 1 company to split in 2 legal companies in a new controlling area for Cassidian Cyber Security, national security data, complete conversion (Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Projects)


Finance Leader

Oct 2011 - Fév 2012

  • Business Area: Insurance (life and professional)

  • Project: Italy

  • Position: Finance Leader

  • Mission: Deploy a core-model with the FIT/GAP/NEW methodology

  • Domains: Sales, Purchasing, Finance & Controlling, a 1,5 billion Euros company turnover

Alstom Power

Solution Specialist Team Leader

Juin 2010 - Fév 2012

  • Business Area: Turbines Build-up and maintenance

  • Project: PowerMax Program

  • Position: Solution Specialist Team Leader FI AA CO (PS et PC) CATS TV (3 people)

  • Mission: 2 Roll-Out and 2 post-Roll-Out stabilization

  • Domains: Finance (FI, AP, AR, GL, AA, TV), Controlling (Cost Sheet, CCR, analytical result, part of PS)

OCP - Celesio

Team Leader Finance

Mars 2010 - Juin 2010

  • Business Area: Pharmaceutics

  • Project: Investigation to optimize the current solution (business and IT)

  • Position: Team Leader Finance for Engageo

  • Domains: Purchasing, Sales, Finance, Controlling & Travel Expenses


Finance Functional Architect

Fév 2009 - Août 2009

  • Business Area: Insurance

  • Project: WW Core-Model initialization (COPERNIC)

  • Position: Finance Functional Architect

  • Mission: Business Requirement, re-Use work, FIT GAP NEW from the main SAP solution existing, Global Functional Design and Architecture


Project Leader

Fév 2008 - Sep 2008

  • Business Area: Automotive Transport

  • Project: Deployment and updates of ROMA

  • Position: Project Leader

  • Mission: Sales & Distribution configuration, upload of all the prices of 15.000 travel segments with or without services



Oct 2007 - Oct 2011

  • Business Area: IT Engineer School

  • Position: Master 2 Degree Professor, 130 students trained to become Finance Consultant

Schering-Plough / Merck

Finance Application Manager

Oct 2006 - Jan 2008

  • Business Area: Animal and Human Health, Pharmaceutics

  • Project: Maintenance of all Finance applications

  • Position: Finance Application Manager

  • Mission: Deploy Travel Expense, Setup a IFRS cost assessment tool

Thomson MultiMedia / TechniColor

Cut-Over manager

Juil 2006 - Sep 2006

  • Business Area: Electronic constructor

  • Project: MRP for Triple-Play box

  • Position: Cut-Over manager

  • Mission: Secure the 3rd Go-Live

  • Domain: Sales, Logistics, Accounting, Controlling

Sony Picture Entertainment

Territory Leader

Juin 2005 - Juin 2006

  • Business Area: Theatre, TV and DVDs

  • Project: Core-Model deployment for all Europe

  • Position: Territory Leader (France and assistance for Germany) for PwC

  • Mission: Deploy SAP in France, roll-out complete

  • Domains: Sales, Logistics, Accounting, Assets, Controlling, Purchase


Finance Team Leader

Oct 2003 - Déc 2004

  • Business Area: E&P

  • Project: Deployment of UniSUP for Gabon and Angola

  • Position: Finance Team Leader (FICOJVA) for PwC

  • Mission: Roll-Outs

  • Domains: Sales, Logistics, Finance, Assets, Maintenance, Production, Purchasing and Controlling.


Finance Consultant

Jan 2003 - Sep 2003

  • Business Area: Automotive supplier

  • Project: Build-up of a new core-model

  • Position: Finance Consultant for Covensys

  • Mission: Roll-Out

  • Domains: Sales, Logistics, Finance, Assets, Production, Purchasing and Controlling

DCS - Mercedes

Finance Consultant

Jan 2002 - Déc 2002

  • Business Area: Automotive Leasing & Fleet management

  • Project: Core Model Deployment

  • Position: Finance Consultant

  • Mission: re-Go Live

  • Domains: Finance, Controlling, Banking, Purchase, Lessor accounting


Quality Auditor

Juin 2001 - Oct 2001

  • Business Area: Oil & Gas Refinery & Distribution

  • Project: Core model setup

  • Position: Quality Auditor

  • Mission: merge Oil & Gas best practices and quality hand book with ERP one

  • Domains: Plant Maintenance, Finance, Controlling, Purchase, Sales



Juin 2000 - Juin 2001

  • Business Area: encryption and dematerialization provider

  • Project: Kick off company, firsts client, firsts deliveries

  • Position: CFO

  • Mission: management oriented Positive cash-flow, share owner management

  • Domains: PKI, printing, encryption, third trust part


Finance & Back-Office Treasury consultant

Sep 1998 - Juin 2000

  • Business Area: IT services

  • Projects: several customers (SAP and Central Treasury Department)

  • Position: Finance & Back-Office Treasury consultant



Jan 1992 - Déc 1997

  • Business Area: Interim company

  • Mission: Accountant for industries (Alcatel, DIAC) and for capital market (LCL and Caisse des Dépôt)

  • Position: Accountant


Employee and Swing Manager

Jan 1991 - Jan 1992

  • Business Area: Speed Food

  • Position: Employee and Swing Manager



2014 : HEC



2015     HEC Paris - International Certification; Corporate Finance

2006     Ecole de Guerre Economique - Welfare Intelligence - Executive Master Degree

1998     Finance & Controlling SAP Certification

1998     AFOGEC - IT Project Management - License Degree

1995     ICS Bégué, INTEC/CNAM - License Degree; Accounting & Controlling



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