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David : Operations & Projects Management
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31 ans


Operations & Projects Management

Expériences professionnelles


Toulouse, France

Industrialization Leader & Operational Performance Manager

Jan 2018 - Avr 2020

St-Eloi, A320 NEO pylons assembly
Industrial Project Leader - Ensure SA NEO pylons ramp up from 20 to 63 aircraft/month

  • A320 NEO project manager (define the strategic projects to be lead within the shopfloor)
  • Master planning to minimize projects impact on production and sustain ramp-up schedule
  • Technical project management (specs, planning, Ops & Risks analysis, costs, reporting)
  • Shop floor remodeling, line installation, ergonomics, stations redesign, logistics optimization
  • Developed GPS App to visualize real time pylons location (250 parts, 8 buildings)

Assembly Performance Manager - Lead Multi-Functional Team (MFT)

  • Enhance line efficiency to support production ramp-up and recurring cost reduction
  • Flows optimization (VSM), Lead Time, variability and non-quality reduction, Line balancing
  • Eradicate production risks of failure and establish machines & process back-up modes
  • Support the AOS (Airbus Lean standards) to bring the line from maturity D to B
  • Leader on quality and operational crisis to protect daily business

Louisville, Etats-Unis

Production Manager Assistant

Fév 2016 - Sep 2017

Global leader in automotive equipment
Production supervisor - Managed a 29 operators team (technicians and team leaders)

  • Projects to reduce variability and scrap within the production line and enforce quality
  • KPI development to monitor SQCDP and performances within the plant (Excel + VBA)

Technical project management (design, planning, implementation, costs, logistics)

  • People training and Team development

Headcount reduction (saved 450K$ per year)

  • Line reorganization to increase buffer, improve parts flow and reduce work content


A350XWB Aircraft Manager

Jan 2013 - Déc 2015

Saint-Nazaire secondment on FAL A350 (DZKTL department)

  • Saint-Nazaire outstanding works (OSW) leader in Final Assembly Line (FAL) of Toulouse
  • Responsible for the anticipation of the critical milestones, operations planning
  • Management of production, quality and risk sharing partners teams (15 interlocutors)
  • Advisor in production process improvements to ensure increase of A350XWB productivity
  • 3 aircrafts delivered on time including the first A350XWB - 9 months in production
  • 6 months attached to SPIRIT’s team in Toulouse to tackle the level of OSW



2013     Ingénieur - Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée (IFMA) - Spécialisation en Systèmes Industriels et Logistique



Francais : Langue maternelle

Anglais : Courant

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