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37 ans


Directeur de programme / PMO

Expériences professionnelles




Oct 2019 - Déc 2020

My assignment :

  • Organization, management and implementation of the strategic and transformation program to reduce the Total Delivery Cost of projects

My responsibilities :

  • Contributed to build the operational strategy and planning ; tested and deployed a set of performance levers applicable to projects

  • Monitored projects budget and expenses and managed transversal workshops for maintaining initial costs targets and reducing gaps

  • Supported program implementation from proof of concept to global rollout: sprints follow-up, actions plan management, idea generation and issues solving

  • Ensured agile animation with a multi-functional team (Engineering, Purchasing, Costing) through daily stand-up, weekly meetings and workshops

  • Managed overall communication within network and promoted a collaborative and transversal mindset

  • Elaborated a toolbox and training materials including one pagers, process, best practices, and operational feedbacks

My accomplishments :

  • Contributed to improve profitability through an optimized TDC for projects in development



Oct 2018 - Juil 2019

My assignment :

  • Management of the organization's businesses and IS transformation program

My responsibilities :

  • Ensured relationship within all stakeholders (Business, IS and Top Management); held responsibility for decisions related to the program's execution

  • Defined and enforced the operating rules of the program and its governance; constructed performance indicators and reported on planning, budget & risks

  • Managed coordination meetings; controlled and validated all deliverables (business requirements, target operating models, transversal flowcharts)

  • Addressed with the Program Sponsor hard points encountered by the team; ensured follow-up and traceability of all decisions and orientations

  • Followed and managed the risk management tool; provided methodological support to project stakeholders

  • Monitored program’s expenses regarding to budget constraints and resources

My accomplishments :

  • Successfully conducted target operating models' definition and prepared deployment for all businesses involved in the 3-year transformation plan



Jan 2018 - Juin 2018

My assignment :

  • Reengineering of the project management processes (Agile and V-model) worldwide as part of the group’s strategy towards more synergies

My responsibilities :

  • Analyzed existing processes and assessed the whole value chain (stakeholders, planning, resources, activities, ...) in order to redefine PM processes worldwide

  • Constructed new operating models aligned through collaborative workshops : roles matrix, structured procedures, tools and templates, flowcharts

  • Deployed the PM methodology among IS Department and supported projects and programs stakeholders: training sessions, feedback reviews, follow-ups

  • Developedachangemanagementplantargeting140people:trainingsmaterials, communications, surveys, and knowledge management base implementation

  • Monitored projects’ compliance to the newly defined processes and within selected functional areas: Marketing & Sales, Communication, Legal

  • Prioritized programs and projects through qualification workshops and transversal analysis (strategic vision, budgets, capacity and resources)

My accomplishments :

  • Contributed to PM processes' adoption worldwide, with collaborative implementation and tailored change management



Mai 2015 - Avr 2016

My assignment :

  • Implementation of the worldwide digital transformation strategy for Nissan’s After Sales Department

My responsibilities :

  • Led the program deployment for Nissan Japan, Europe and North America and supported its integration into the Alliance worldwide organization

  • Reviewed Renault/Nissan’s processes to leverage their strengths and differences at an operational level

  • Designed the project management framework: Agile governance, operating rules, roles and responsibilities, escalation process, reporting methods and delivery management

  • Consolidated critical activities and milestones; performed risks analysis and monitored schedules; coordinated program’s key stakeholders (business, suppliers, IT, projects)

  • Moderated workshops, weekly meetings and established progress reports to operational teams and their direct management

  • Supported the Alliance Program Director through budget monitoring, preparation for audits and steering committees



My assignment :

  • Deployment of a full web unified communication solution in the context of digital transformation

My responsibilities :

  • Formalized business requirements and functional specifications in preparation for the RFQ
  • Conducted the supplier’s selection process through all phases until contractualization
  • Animated the project kickoff and acceptance criteria discussions with stakeholders
  • Reviewed roadmap against baseline and prioritized milestones vis-a-vis project constraints
  • Supported teams and managed project’s execution, from pilot phase with key users to global deployment with all users
  • Designed and led the change management program for end users adoption



My assignment :

  • Management of the integration and deployment of IS solutions for the supervision center (Voice, Video and Web)

My responsibilities :

  • Contributed to design a client-mirroring team structure on the integrator side (project managers, developers, support...)
  • Managed a portfolio of IS projects (~10 per year): planning, deliverables, and SLA reporting
  • Participated in steering committees, presented proposals to decision board, organized communication towards senior management with emphasis on team achievements
  • Supervised a team of 20 and steered change management: trainings for client support teams, return on experience workshops, and best practices promotion



2014     INSEAD - MBA




ANGLAIS : Courant

FRANCAIS : Bilingue ou langue maternelle