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Stephanie : Directeur des Ressources Humaines Europe
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Je suis reconnue pour mes capacités de leadership dans la gestion d'équipe RH et dans ma capacité à appréhender des situations complexes, j’ai également une expérience et une force de négociation importantes. Très orientée Business je me positionne comme une partenaire essentielle dans la réussite de l'entreprise. Je suis pragmatique, avec une forte adaptation a des environnements différents. Organisée, j’ai acquis une capacité de gestion de projet complexe. Je possède de bonnes qualité de communication. Je sais créer des partenariats et acquérir la confiance des managers et des employés pour créer un environnement de travail positif. Je recherche aujourd'hui une mission qui me permettra d'accompagner une entreprise dans un projet RH stratégique.


46 ans


Directeur des Ressources Humaines Europe Stephanie

Expériences professionnelles


Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition - Toulouse (31500)
Recruiter Freelance

Jan 2019 - Avr 2019

  • Staffing of independant worker in IT sector, marketing campaign, social marketer

SALESFORCE.COM - Paris (75000)
Employee Success Business Partner Senior manager Southern Europe

Avr 2017 - Sep 2018

  • Responsible for supporting different business unit in Salesforce in a role of senior HRBP.
  • Business HR partner for customer success group in southern Europe ( 350 employees)
  • Business HR partner for supporting Spain and Italy (250 employees) to develop the countries with ensuring good quality of management and developing employees: coaching of managers, career path program, talent review, country plan participation.
  • Business HR partner for supporting EMEA VP marketing ( 600 employees) : build HR program with a team of local HRBP in each countries in EMEA. Ensure consistency in process and employee satisfaction.
  • Creation of a ERG (employee relation group) related to handicap at work in France. Selection of sponsor internal and external and organize events around handicap at work.

Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition - Paris (75000)
Freelance/Coach/advisor Startup

Sep 2016 - Mars 2017

  • Advisor to start-ups : creation and support in their recruitment strategy, brand awareness and value creation to attract talent. Coach founders on new generations and the integration of new talents in their business strategy. Update obligations concerning social laws and ensure compliance with the new labor law (Elkhomri) (mutual, control of working time ...).


Sep 2016 - Nov 2016

(+950 Employees) reporting to the founders

  • Management of a team of 12 people including all the HR function, member of the Executive Committee. Reorganization of the HR team with digitalization and recruitment of HR staff to support the existing team : training, recruitment and payroll.


Nov 2014 - Fév 2016


France, Belgium & Morocco, (800 employees), COMEX member, reporting to HR VP based in London

  • Management of 5 HR managers in the region, matrix responsibility for recruitment and payroll organizations for the region. Responsibilities HR Generalist in an international environment, in close collaboration with local business partners: VP, regional VP, country manager, manager.
  • Ensure relations with social partners (CGT / FO) and employee's representatives, engage in collective and individual negotiations.
  • Manage requests for Human Resources services, policies and programs for all of Groupon by: Leadership and coaching of managers through the organization.
  • Stakeholder of decision-making to define an optimal hierarchical organization for the business: outsourcing of support functions.
  • Management of critical points concerning employment, compliance with local laws and procedures: disciplinary, individual or collective dismissals (downsizing), implementation of the group's overall policies and ensuring that local laws are respected.


Oct 2008 - Fév 2013

Software Editor

(600 employees for southern and northern and central Europe), reporting to Senior HR VP RH based in US. EMEA COMEX member, and local countries COMEX member

  • Management of 6 HR managers in the region, 2 assistants, 1 recruiter based in London covering the entire region in charge of recruitment and employer branding,
  • Responsibilities HR Generalist in an international environment, in close collaboration with local business partners: Senior Manager (VP), Local General Managers, Sales Managers,
  • Guides and manages the demands of Human Resources departments, policies and programs for the entire company by: Leadership and coaching of managers for the whole organization.
  • Stakeholder in decision-making concerning the organization of the company in order to help and support him in his new sale policy and management of the human resources
  • Management of critical points concerning employment, compliance and procedures: disciplinary, individual or collective dismissal (downsizing), implementation of the group's overall policies, ensuring that local laws are respected.
  • Recruitment: (200 people hired in the region) collaborative work on employer brand and company values in order to recruit talent in a crisis context
  • Training and development: Implementation of a new integration program hired, creation of a loyalty program for top talent,
  • Ensure the interface between management and employees in order to maintain a good social climate,
  • Head of the works council in France and Germany and relations with trade unions, negotiation of agreements
  • Management of HR projects within the group: acquisition & integration (2 integration of companies acquired by Quest: one in Europe and one in Germany). Integration of new employees by: harmonization and change of medical cover, pensions, commission plan.
  • Member of the team in charge of the acquisition project by Dell in September 2012.


Juil 2007 - Oct 2008

(250 employees), reporting to the HR VP based in London

  • In charge of the implementation of group policies in terms of compensation and benefits, social coverage, etc ... with respect for local legislation
  • Business partner HR on the region with supporting all the changes at the organizational level: recruitment of a general manager in Italy, and integration with existing teams while maintaining team motivation and social climate
  • Recruitment: 40 new employees, and participation in the implementation of a new hired internship engineer program.
  • Relationship with partner schools
  • Administrative management of employees: hiring of employees and integration in payroll, monthly transmission of pay data to the external office.
  • HR dashboards: transmission and updating of the HR database to ensure the consistency and veracity of HR data.
  • Social: employee representative elections and monthly management of meetings


Oct 2002 - Juil 2007

Editeur de logiciels

(400 employees), reporting to HR VP based in London

  • General responsibility for the HR function at the regional level
  • Member of the European project of an HR policy group in compliance with local laws: training, recruitment policy, remuneration policy.
  • Support and coordination of HR operational activities in the region.
  • Employee Relations: Management of departure and disciplinary actions, with individual negotiations.
  • Social: Committee of companies: election and consultations in France Setting up and signing of a RTT agreement
  • HR Group activity in Europe: Coordination with European teams to harmonize benefits: car allowance, pension program, medical insurance by ensuring compliance with recommended policies.
  • HR Finance: Maintaining Effective Control and Payroll Audit and Paying Employee Profits
  • Recruitment: Relations with the cabinets, selection and preparation of final list to present to the manager of the candidates. Hiring of foreign employees, realization of hiring files with the assurance that the visa / stay permits are issued.


Août 2001 - Oct 2002

(200 employes), reporting to the owners

  • Implementation of the new Human Resources Department for France. General HR management in the region: administrative support, payroll, establishment of personnel files. Harmonization of employment contracts following successive takeovers. Harmonization of the mutual and foresight. In April 2002, Ebone was acquired by KpNQuest.
  • Following the redemption, the parent company files the balance sheet. Constitution in the urgency of a judicial liquidation file in partnership with the representative bodies of the two legal entities. Calculation of the costs of dismissal, relationship between the liquidator and the employee.


Oct 2000 - Juil 2001

Startup ADSL (120 employees)

  • Building the company with: Massive recruitment of more than 50 employees in 6 months, accompanied by an expert recruitment consultant. Implementation of the new HR department: creation of recruitment contracts, HR policies and transition to 35 hours. Creating a home booklet. Various activities: Payroll, administrative management of declarations of employment, declaration of social charges



1997     BTS gestion des entreprises; certification coaching PCM. Formation PCM



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