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le 24/07/2020 par Teddy Pividal, Directeur Général

Merci pour cette belle collaboration

le 24/07/2020 par Paul Vivares, Directeur Général

une approche originale et claire quant au positionnement de notre entreprise Bleu Blanc Vin : Définition du socle des valeurs, du profil type de nos futurs ambassadeurs et de leur parcours de formation.


60 ans


Executive Leadership in International Sales, Marketing & Operations - Team & Business Performance Booster

Expériences professionnelles


Société de Conseil, de Formation et de Management de Transition

Founder - Chief Empowerment Officier (CEO)

Avr 2017 - Aujourd'hui

Consulting - Training - Coaching : Boosting team & business performance - Digital transformation

Helps start-ups and SMBs leaders to boost team, business, and digital performance to the next level, thanks to an unmatched collection of frameworks, and a sound international and operational experience focusing on the only 3 key domains that really can make a difference: Sales and Leadership, and one enabler, Digital.

References on website:

3 structured approaches are available:

Sales Performance: Sales Performance Back to Basics ©: a clear and comprehensive pathway toward business performance showing not only "What to do", but more importantly "How to do it":

👉 Strategic marketing: segmentation, targeting, positioning.
👉 Digital marketing: attracting, nurturing, converting prospects.
👉 B2B complex selling: qualification, development, negotiation & closing.

Team Performance: Leadership Pile & Face ® (translated as "Tail & Head Leadership"): a clear and comprehensive pathway toward unprecedented team performance, combined with individual fulfillment and well-being at work, because if you want team performance, focus on the team, not on the performance.

It consists in:
👉 An inspiring leadership, to ignite engagement, commitment, and accountability.
👉 A demanding management, to set up appropriate and effective methods, tools, and processes.
👉 A kind coaching, to empower, support, and develop collaborators.

The good news is that, in both case, "you're just one transformation away!" To know more, check out our website: Or check out our online and ondemand training platform:

Digital Performance: Ready4Digital ®, 360 digital diagnostic and 3-year strategic plan including "GPEC Numérique" based on 4 pillars: Competitiveness - Growth - Innovation & Profitability.

EMlyon business school

Strategic Marketing & Complex Selling Professor (Executive MBA) - Business Mentor (Accelerator)

Sep 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Teaching B2B Large Account Complex Selling and Strategic Marketing to Executive MBA.

Coaching start-ups toward effective GoTo Market strategies withing EM Lyon Business School Startups Accelerator (INRIA/iLab and EdTech) as well as Entrepreneurship & Innovation EMBA/IMBA students.


Executive Partner

Juin 2020 - Aujourd'hui

Senior Executive Coaching toward enterprise digital transformation and performance. 360 digital diagnostic and 3-year strategic plan including "GPEC Numérique" based on 4 pillars: Competitiveness - Growth - Innovation & Profitability.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Écully, France

Entrepreneurship Mentor

Oct 2019 - Aujourd'hui

Mentoring 3d year students carrying an entrepreneurship project and leveraging 7ransforma7ions Academy online training "Les Fondations" to go from an unclear idea to a framed project and powerful pitch.

ISG - Institut Supérieur de Gestion
Lyon, France

Leadership & Management Professor

Oct 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Teaching Leadership principles and best management practices to master students at ISG Lyon.

Generix Group
Paris, France

VP International Sales & Operations

Sep 2013 - Mars 2017

Supply Chain Execution (WMS/TMS/OMS) & Multi-enterprises Collaboration (EDI/EAI/Portals) SaaS Editor – Public company.

Successfully transformed support-oriented and isolated subsidiaries into business-oriented and fully integrated organizations, leading to +30% revenue and +39% Ebitda growth in 3 years.

• Led SaaS vs. License value proposition transformation, increasing SaaS revenue by +45% in 3 years. • Restructured sales force toward sales hunter profiles, leading to opening 10+ new large international and local accounts.

• 6-fold increased global marketing budget (up to €350K/year), resulting in preempting e-logistics segment market as a leader.

• Initiated new ways to work together, closely driving each country performance though sharp business-focused dashboards, igniting cross-countries best practices sharing, and unprecedented international collaboration, leading to higher business momentum and increased performances.

• Raised Generix Corporate international culture and awareness, resulting in integrating subsidiaries better than ever before in all front and back offices processes, and getting more effective support from all departments.

Generix Group
Paris, France

Group VP Sales

Jan 2011 - Sep 2013

Supply Chain Execution (WMS/TMS/OMS) & Multi-enterprises Collaboration (EDI/EAI/Portals) SaaS Editor – Public company.

Re-ignited the sales engine and grew the top line, significantly contributing to Generix Group profitability recovery (Ebitda: +1.6M€ in 2012, +3.9M€ in 2013) after 10M€ cumulative losses from 2008 to 2011.

• Totally reshaped French sales organization based on a new product-market segment grid, resulting in doubling SaaS booking in 2011/12 vs. 2010/11.

• Established solid CRM-based, group-wise sales funnel/forecast concepts and dashboards, bringing unprecedented visibility and control on business across all departments, and increasing sales performance by +44%.

• Initiated monthly “All-minds Meetings” across sales and all support functions, enabling and fostering stronger collaboration on key deals and programs.

Los Angeles (CA - USA)

Country Manager USA & Canada

Avr 2010 - Jan 2011

Editor of touch screen business applications for Microsoft Surface™ and Windows 7 devices - Privately held start-up.

Launched Canada and USA (4 offices) Sales & Marketing operations,

• Established After-Mouse (a French Company) as the N°1 leading Strategic Microsoft Surface Partner in the US.

• Collaborated closely with Microsoft Hospitality Market Specialists, resulting in 40% contribution of all historical company revenues in less than one year. From this initial springboard, After-Mouse has continued to grow, and most of its business is made today in North America.

Prolific Publishing, Inc.
Los Angeles (CA - USA)

VP Sales & Marketing

Mars 2008 - Mars 2010

Prolific Publishing (previously Qtask -$7M privately funded start-up, created in 2007) - Online integrated collaboration and project management environment.

Successfully launched sales & marketing operations

• Organized all sales, marketing, and customer service operations from scratch, and led geographically distributed team of 8 people (US, Canada, Europe)

• Defined brand, product positioning, roadmap, and go to market strategy, resulting in first reference customers acquisition

• Increased online visibility (Google 1st page in natural search), and Red Herring NA100 2009 Award distinction.

Raleigh (NC - USA)

VP Business Operations

Avr 2007 - Sep 2007

Telco Network Monitoring Solutions – Public company.

Established Monitoring Business Unit first formal business operations processes, and enabled business ($75M) scalability on a worldwide basis.

• Restructured all business operations, established a new software life cycle process, defined short and long term quality goals, and managed TL9000 certification program, resulting in improved processes and results in 4 main areas: customer satisfaction, product quality, program management, and revenue forecast.

Raleigh (NC - USA)

VP Product Management & Marketing

Oct 2005 - Avr 2007

Telco Network Monitoring Solutions – Public company.

4-fold increased Monitoring Business Unit sales revenue from $18M in 2004 to $75M in 2007.

• Completed post-acquisition integration between Steleus (prior French employer, acquired by Tekelec for $55M in October 2004) and Tekelec PMM teams, clarified roles and responsibilities, and hired new talents, resulting in unifying a highly motivated and collaborative global team of 45 people spread between France and the US.

• Created the first cohesive three-year business plan leveraging an ambitious product roadmap ($15M R&D program to merge the best of both previous Steleus/Tekelec portfolios), providing a unique competitive advantage to upsell Tekelec worldwide large STPs (Signaling Transport Points) installed base.

• Hired senior product marketing manager from direct competition (Agilent) to raise perception of North America sales force toward monitoring solutions, and to provide them with tailored training and support, leading to tripling US sales, mainly in Tier1 accounts.

Raleigh (NC - USA)

AVP Product Management

Jan 2005 - Sep 2005

Telco Network Monitoring Solutions – Public company.

Completed first steps of Steleus integration within Tekelec after October 2004 acquisition (people, culture, knowledge, processes, and tools).

• Conducted teams and existing processes assessment.
• Established first post acquisition product positioning and solution strategy.
• Launched first post acquisition roadmap.

Lyon, France

EVP Sales & Marketing

Juin 2001 - Déc 2004

Telco Network Monitoring Solutions Editor - VC backed spin-off of Clemessy

Member of the four-person executive management team, with primary responsibility for developing international sales and marketing programs, while contributing to the overall management of the company.

• Grew international business from 30% in 2001 to 70% in 2004 (Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Asia-Pacific) and restored company profitability in 2004, enabling $55M acquisition by Tekelec in October 2004.

• Clarified product positioning & value proposition, changed company name (previously NMG Telecom), redefined brand, designed new website, selected 65 international target accounts, hired new resources, got rid of low performers, established business discipline and metrics, and opened an office in Singapore, leading to increasing annual revenue by a 20% average per year, and restoring company profitability in 2004.

• Closed Master Purchase Agreement with Orange Group, worth 30% of the company revenue in 2003/2004, and won back an Agilent key account (SFR), which generated later (post acquisition) $17M to Tekelec in 2006.

Paris, France

VP Marketing & International Business Development

Juin 2000 - Avr 2001

VC backed start-up - Online sales force automation tools (SFA/CRM SaaS)

Member of the executive team, responsible for establishing and developing EMEA sales and marketing strategy and operations.

• Achieved 1st round of financing for $4M with three major VC companies: Viventures, Partech International, and Access2Net.

• Established SellingVision's visibility in the emerging European SFA/SaaS market, developed a powerful branding, and managed press relations.

• Negotiated key partnerships such as Dun & Bradstreet. Established first year customer base of 30 customers, 350 users.

• Developed EMEA 2001-2003 business plan, leading to $6.5M fund raise at 2d round of financing.

Cegetel Entreprises

Regional VP Sales

Nov 1996 - Mai 2000

Privately (Vivendi, Vodafone, and Bell South) owned start-up created in November 1996.

Responsible for creating sales organization, and developing sales for voice and data products in the South Eastern region of France.

• Opened 6 offices (Lyon, Grenoble, Dijon, St Etienne, Marseille, and Montpellier), and hired a team of 70+ (trade marketing, sales, pre-sales, and sales managers) in 18 months to sell into Enterprises and SME's markets directly and via channels.

• Achieved sales of $10M in 1997, $38M in 1998, $56M in 1999, and $70M in 2000.

Lyon, France

Regional Sales Manager

Nov 1992 - Oct 1996

Highly transactional relational database (SQL Server) US editor. Public company.

Managed all sales & marketng activities within Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

• Managed a seven-person team (assistant, trade marketing, pre-sales, consultants).

• Increased sales from 7M Francs in 1993 to 15M Francs in 1996 by leveraging partnerships with Business Object and Cognos, and developing relationships with local system integrators.

Sun Microsystems
Paris, France

European Sales Training Manager

Jan 1991 - Oct 1992

Unix workstations and servers US Manufacturer. Public company.

Created and established European Sales Training curriculum

• Established new training curriculum for European sales forces of 630 people spread in 11 countries, working closely with Sun University staff in the US and Country Managers.

• Trained sales team in Strategic Selling ® program (certified trainer by Miller Heiman) and coached several sales managers.

Sun Microsystems
Aix-en-Provence, France

Channel Sales Manager

Jan 1988 - Déc 1990

Unix workstations and servers US Manufacturer. Public company.

• Successfully developed OEM/System Integrator and VAR network from scratch in the Mediterranean region.

Texas Instruments

Global Account Manager

Sep 1985 - Déc 1987

Semi-conductors Division. Public company.

• Negotiated two application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) major deals at strategic accounts (Nathan, SEB Group), and managed regional distributors addressing SMB market.



1992     HEC Paris/London - 4 weeks Executive Program

1985     Tours-Orleans University - Department of Psychology - DUEPS

1984     Ecole Centrale Lille - Master in Engineering (Diplôme Ingénieur)



French : Bilingue ou langue maternelle

English : Courant